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STILL LAKE by Liu Ke *inscribed copy 平湖 劉珂 *献呈署名本

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The Three Gorges Dam development, the largest civil engineering project in China's history, was implemented after being conceived before the war. During the construction process from 1993 to 2009, 1.1 million residents were forcibly relocated, and most of their homelands were submerged by the development. Many of these "Three Gorges migrants" were forced to move to areas with steep terrain without any compensation, and they have lost their homes and are forced to live in poverty. Chinese photographer Liu Ke spent three years documenting the area. The title "Pinghu," named after a poem by Mao Zedong, quietly depicts the current state of the area after the dam was built. In this place that has now become a tourist attraction, people on passenger boats and others looking at the former city are captured on camera, along with the eerie fog. The backs of people looking at the surface of the water from various angles seem to tell the story behind its development. What do they think about their true "home"? Signed by the author. 戦前からの構想の末に実行された、中国史上最大の土木プロジェクトである三峡ダム開発。1993年から2009年にかけた建設過程において住民110万人の強制移住が余儀なくされ、そのほとんどの人の故郷がこの開発によって水に沈んだ。彼ら「三教移民」の多くは補償もままならないまま地形の険しい地域に移動させられ、故郷を失った上に貧しい生活を強いられているという。 中国の写真家劉珂(Liu Ke)はその地域周辺を3年間記録し続けた。「平湖」というタイトルは毛沢東の詩から名付けられ、ダム建設後の現在の地域の様子が静かに描かれている。今や観光地ともなったこの場所で、客船に乗ってかつての街を眺める人などが不気味な霧と共にカメラに収められている本書。さまざまな角度から水面を眺める人々の背中が、その開発の背景を物語っているように感じられる。彼らは何を思い、本当の「故郷」について考えるのだろうか。献呈サイン入り。 Limited edition of 500 copies with numbering art director:榮榮&映里(RongRong & Inri) design:潘雨辰(Yuchen Pan) publisher:三影堂撮影芸術中心/Three Shadows Photography Art Centre year:2020 pages:142 size:H297×W247mm format:hard cover language:English/Chinese condition:good, dedication signature.

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