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NEGATIVES by Xu Yong 底片 徐勇

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“Tiananmen Square protests” is a historical event in which the military used force against demonstrators demanding democracy at Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China, on June 4, 1989. It is famous for the large number of casualties, and is also known as the "Bloody Sunday" because it took place on a Sunday. Xu Yong, a Chinese photographer, used to work as a photographer for an advertising company, but he encountered this incident when he was just starting to take pictures of Hutong, an old residential area in Beijing. This unprecedented photobook, with its black, unobtrusive cover design and negative photographs, was designed to circumvent government censorship. When the color settings on an iPhone or other camera are set to "invert," the original photographs (positive images) are revealed, along with the fact that they cannot easily be published domestically. It was around this time that he left advertising photography and began candidly photographing "records of society" and "manifestations of emotion”. Because of the nature of his photographs, they have often been subject to censorship in mainland China. However, his challenging approach to production has always stimulated the curiosity of viewers. 「六四天安門事件」は1989年6月4日に中国、北京市の天安門広場にて民主化を求めるデモ隊に対し、軍隊が武力行使を行った歴史的な事件。多数の死傷者がでたことで有名で、その日が日曜日だったことから、「血の日曜日事件」とも呼ばれている。 中国の写真家・徐勇は広告会社のカメラマンをしていたが、北京の古い住宅街「胡同」を撮り始めていた頃にこの事件に遭遇する。真っ黒で目立たないカバーデザイン、そしてネガ写真で掲載したこの例のない写真集は、政府の検閲を回避するために設計された。iPhoneなどのカメラの色彩設定で「反転」にすると、本来の写真(ポジ画)が、国内で容易に出版できない事情とともに露見される。 彼はこの頃から広告写真を離れ、「社会の記録」、「感情の現れ」を率直に撮り始める。彼の撮った写真はその性質から、しばしば中国本土の検閲に睨まれている。しかしその挑戦的な制作姿勢で、常に見るものの好奇心を刺激し続けている。 design:劉松/Liu Song publisher:新世紀出版及伝媒/New Century Media & Consulting year:2014 pages:64 size:H251×W314mm format:hardcover language:English/Chinese attachment:dust jacket condition:good

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